Years of experience in the Building Distribution Sector has enabled us to really understand what is most important to a successful transaction and helped to secure our "clients objectives". Our essential steps guide to a successful sales process ensures a professional service is delivered, with personal support and attention to detail.

 Mergers flow chart

Stage One - Planning
  • Evaluation & fact finding
  • Approve shareholders objectives & timetable
  • Agreement on confidentiality & non disclosure agreement
  • Completion of relevant financial & business details including key benefits to the buyer
  • Draft information memorandum/term sheets & agree with clients
Stage Two - Marketing
  • Produce buyer list with clients input
  • Circulate teaser to list of professional targets
  • Marketing campaign agreed with clients
  • Complete shortlist of preferred bidders
Stage Three - Meetings & Offers
  • Advise and guide clients prior to buyer meetings
  • Details gathered from serious bidders
  • Agree shortlist of potential buyers
Stage Four - Buyers Selection
  • Agree preferred bidder with client, based on price & deal structure, impact on company personnel, desire to complete the deal on time
  • Agree heads of terms
  • Instruct advisers ( Legal, Tax, Accountancy)
Stage Five - Completion
  • Agree and manage all timetables
  • Advise on sale and purchase agreement
  • Interface with all advisers during completion
  • Sale completed