I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim since his Jewson days and we have kept in regular contact throughout that time. So when I decided that the time was right to sell the company Jim was the natural choice. His contacts in the trade are impressive and his considerable experience in the mergers and acquisitions field proved extremely helpful. Any business sale is a very high-stress time but with Jim's assistance, and despite a seriously tight deadline, the sale went through successfully and without drama. Money well spent - and that comment from a Yorkshireman! Advice to any other business owner thinking of using Jim in a sale would be to contact him and start discussions as early as possible, it really does help.John Middleton Walker, Executive Chairman Milford Building Supplies

I have known Jim Collins probably twenty five years plus. Jim was working for Jewson acquiring a variety of merchants and I guess we were considered a target so over the years so he kept in touch. When I considered selling the business I had collected a shortlist of possible acquisition and disposal consultants but Jim Collins was the one that impressed me the most, he had knowledge of my business and had kept a watch on its development over the years, so when the time came he had a pretty good idea of who would be interested in acquiring my business, but also very importantly who would gain most value from its acquisition and would be keen to seal the deal. We had several meetings prior to discuss how we would present and market the business to prospective purchasers, what we wanted to achieve from its disposal and who we would like to sell to, or not, as the case may be. Having discussed a strategy,Jim stays by your side throughout the process and nudges you through the minefield, offering advice and recommendations where needed, keeping quiet when the decision is yours to make. It is almost a year on now from the sale of our business and getting on for three years from starting the process, and I must say I still don't think there is any doubt we had the right man on board to help us.Jim Rance, MD Kings Langley Building Supplies
We have had the pleasure of working with Jim for the last 5 years and during this time have found him to be exemplary in his ability to connect the right vendor to the right buyer, ensuring that all discussions between buyer and seller are kept professional to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome and adding value by understanding the key strategic issues in any transaction. Jim has a wealth of experience that is invaluable to any company considering an exit or an acquisition.Shanker Patel, CEO Lords Group
We first “came across” Jim Collins some 4 years ago. We were looking to sell on our business and were advised to contact Jim. He was described as the “man in the know”. He knew of all or most of the builders merchants in the country – both National and Independent Merchants. He had been involved in both buying and selling Builders Merchants for many years so was well versed in all aspects.He came to see us and we liked what we saw and heard. The process can be a long and complicated affair but Jim knew it all. He advised us what to expect. It wasn’t going to be like buying and selling a car and indeed it wasn’t!He arranged and guided us through the meeting with prospective buyers. He knew what our business was like and the quality of builders merchant to whom we wanted to sell. He knew all about prospective buyers. He selected buyers that suited our profile and expectations.Thanks to Jim we eventually achieved our goal with a successful sale of the business to Huws Gray Ltd: a company we knew would be able to continue and expand MJ Moulson. Bruce and Steve, Directors MJ Moulsons & Co
Huws Gray would like to thank Collins M&A Consultants for their approach, expertise, and handling in the recent acquisition of M.J.Moulson & Co Ltd, ensuring a successful outcome for their clients and ourselves. Jim Collins is an excellent advisor & a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with him again in the future. Terry Owen MD Huws Gray
Jim was instrumental in the sale of Gower Timber to the Robert Price Group. As lead advisor to the shareholders his commitment to the task at hand was first class. Always available to advise when needed and was a great link between all parties. I would fully recommend Collins M&A Consultants if you're looking to sell your business or indeed looking to buy one. Not just a great advisor but someone who cares for their clients.Carlo Deias, MD Gower Timber
After the various seminars we have attended, companies spoken to, and recommendations made by others who have sold their businesses. We finally felt we had the right person for the Job. We are very pleased with the way Jim Collins handled the sale of our family business. Right from the beginning he guided and supported us, always being on hand to attend all meetings with our best interests at heart and in the strictest of confidence. All through the many months of stressful questions and due diligence, we could always rely on Jim to reassure and guide us in the right direction. Having now completed the deal we can’t thank Jim enough for his negotiating skills, care and experience. Chris Simmons, Simmons of Stafford ltd
When the decision was made to sell our business we employed the services of Jim Collins as our advisor/negotiator during all discussions with interested parties. I found his knowledge and experience to be invaluable to avoid or ensure that the many pitfalls of the process were dealt with in a practical and orderly manner. He was always available to guide me when any issues arose and would find a solution that worked in our favour during some difficult discussions. I would certainly suggest that anyone selling their merchant or similar business should contact Jim to gain the benefit of his insight from both sides of the sale/purchase process. Robert Clower, Managing Director at Clower & Son (Builders Merchants) Ltd
Jim was instrumental in the selling of my business and set up the initial contact with the subsequent purchaser. Jim was professional and hard working throughout the process and made sure that the transaction was satisfactory for both parties.Matt Bonfield, Managing Director at Hilton Building Supplies Ltd
I am pleased to be able to strongly recommend Jim Collins as a very experienced and well-connected M& A Broker. On the back of recent dealings with Jim , I have found him to be a very competent deal-maker who can broker gaps between negotiating parties in a calm and intelligent manner. I certainly intend to be using Jim's services going forward. Adrian Haughton, Former Group Finance Director Bradfords Group
Jim's knowledge and experience of acquisitions was essential during our recent purchase of a Kitchen and Bathroom branch. He was always on hand to help and support where needed and helped give us a real impetus in pushing the deal through. This was my first SPA/acquisition experience and quite simply I could not have done it as well without Jim's involvement. He was a pleasure to work with and has proved a great asset to the business.Rory Dunleavey, Finance Director Rivar Ltd
Intelligent, balanced, incisive and personable: in all my encounters with Jim over something like 15 years I have always been impressed with his grasp of the market, his knowledge of business dynamics and his innate understanding of human nature. I have to say I've also very much enjoyed his company on a social basis. Jim has always been a superb ambassador for his firm and a valuable addition to any business meeting. Not a man who speaks for the sake of speaking. But a man who is always worth listening to.Chris Pateman, Former Managing Director, The Builders Merchants Federation
I had the pleasure to work with Jim extensively while working at Saint-Gobain in the UK and Ireland. Jim has always been extremely dedicated to his company, and presents a unique combination of operational insight, financial awareness and outstanding negotiation skills, not to mention a very outgoing personality and a great sense of humour... all of which are key for maintaining a very good relationship with peer companies in the marketplace, detecting market opportunities, and successfully performing acquisition transactions. I would be glad to work with him again, and would not hesitate to recommend him to potential employers as a great asset and top-notch performer.Laurent Sciama, Director Strategic Planning and Business Development (UK), and Director International Studies, Saint-Gobain Building